Nickname (avowable or not), sweet word, announcement to make : this year, tell them with a bag or a
personalized accessory !
We give you some ideas that will make them happy.

Its initials

You want to bet on sobriety : it's the perfect option, wherewith you take absolutely no risk.
Chic and powerful !

An announcement to make?

You don’t know how to do it ? You want to take his breath away?
Embroider your announcement directly on our products!
Pay attention, the number of characters is limited ...

His name or nickname

That’s what you prefer to embroider on our products, because you know they will enjoy it !
Oh yes, if you choose a nickname, you have to know that we are a perfect secrets keeper, indeed everything you embroider will remain between us!

A little heart

Sometimes a little sign makes more impact than the craziest statements.
So do not hesitate, personalize your gift with love!
To embroider alone or with a name or a sweet word...

For weekends or trips away when just one bag will do, we’ve got just the thing.

141,67 €

NEW! Here is Ramus, the new big week-end bag made of waterproof and ultra resistant upcycled nylon: big enough to put 1 pair of shoes, 3 big sweaters, some tee-shirts, and your toilet bag. Its assets: its very large zipped pocket inside, its small integrated pocket to keep phone and keys close by, and its large adjustable handle.

100,00 €

NEW. Kosma is the new 24 hour bag from our timeless collection made of upcycled nylon from industrial overstocks. You'll love its ultra-resistant quilted material, its large full-width interior pocket to compartmentalise your belongings during the weekend, and its grey metal zip which gives it a unique style.

65,83 €

New! Célestins the 24h bag is available this season in our super soft upcycling corduroy velvet. Available in 5 timeless colours, grey, military green, black, Scarlett red and Tobacco, it can be worn with a plain winter coat or a blazer in patterned woollen sheet. 

57,50 €

New season, new colours for Célestins the essential 24h bag! Vibrant Red, Frosty Olive Green, Bois de Rose and Icy Grey.... 4 new flamboyant and vibrant colours that will make you want to take Célestins and all your essentials everywhere with you: on the train, on public transport, in the office, at the weekend in green...

66,67 €

4 new colours have been imagined this season to put the flamboyance of nature back at the heart of our collections: Vibrant Red, Frosty Olive Green, Bois de Rose and Icy Grey are now available on Elzevir the big weekend bag.

57,50 €

The Célestins essential 24-hour bag is now available in cool Birth colors: military green, black, grey, tobacco, burgundy, pastel pink, honey, light and raw denim.With a striped lining for a discreetly on-trend layette!

57,50 €

Célestins, the ideal companion for your everyday walk or a day trip, is available in slate gray, khaki and light black. These 4 timeless colors have been delicately worked to get that soft  discreet effect, giving the fabric a unique grain. Made using recycled cotton, it’s the perfect match for any style.

66,67 €

Elzevir is available in 4 timeless colors : slate grey, black, military green and burgundy to match any outfit. Made using recycled cotton, it's the perfect for weekend away. 

57,50 €

Célestins is the all-day holdall. Block color in light or raw denim, it goes with absolutely everything!

66,67 €

Elzevir is the ideal big bag for a big family weekend away. In light or raw block denim, it goes with absolutely everything!

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