Nickname (avowable or not), sweet word, announcement to make : this year, tell them with a bag or a
personalized accessory !
We give you some ideas that will make them happy.

Its initials

You want to bet on sobriety : it's the perfect option, wherewith you take absolutely no risk.
Chic and powerful !

An announcement to make?

You don’t know how to do it ? You want to take his breath away?
Embroider your announcement directly on our products!
Pay attention, the number of characters is limited ...

His name or nickname

That’s what you prefer to embroider on our products, because you know they will enjoy it !
Oh yes, if you choose a nickname, you have to know that we are a perfect secrets keeper, indeed everything you embroider will remain between us!

A little heart

Sometimes a little sign makes more impact than the craziest statements.
So do not hesitate, personalize your gift with love!
To embroider alone or with a name or a sweet word...

Find out more about our line of toiletry and make-up bags for when you need to be fully kitted out.

54,17 €

NEW. Meet Blondel, the ultra resistant and waterproof upcycled nylon toiletry bag. Practical with its side handle, Blondel has an inside zipped pocket to keep everything tidy. Its size is ideal for long weekends and short getaways.

45,83 €

Meet Blondel, the upcycled, resistant and waterproof nylon pouch. Practical with its side handle and ultra cool with its large zip, Blondel is the ideal little make-up case to slip into your bag for everyday touch-ups. Cleans easily with a wet sponge.

57,50 €

Beauty box ! We partner with Patyka, Maison Parisienne de Cosmétiques Bios, one of the first cosmetic brands certified organic in the world by the ECOCERT label. We have created an exclusive upcycling velvet case containing the essential daily skincare routine: Eclair Cleansing Oil, Detox Cleansing Foam and Hydra-soothing Milky Cream.

37,50 €

Tournelles is one of our favourite pouch; it's small but you can put a lot of things in it. In an upcycling corduroy velvet, it will contain your makeup of the day, your keys, pens and other little secrets. It comes in 5 timeless colours: military green, Scarlett red, Tobacco, grey and black. 

32,50 €

Hermel is THE toiletry pouch in which you will love to store all your favourite beauty products. This season, it comes in 4 flamboyant colours inspired by nature: Vibrant Red, Frosty Olive Green, Bois de rose  and Icy Grey.

29,17 €

Tournelles the make-up pouch goes into Autumn Winter mode . Vibrant Red,  Frosty Olive Green, Bois de Rose and Icy Grey.... how could you not want to take it with you every day and put your keys, pens, make-up etc. in it? The detail you'll love: its floral and graphic printed lining made from thin fabric stocks.

32,50 €

Alma is sure to become your baby’s essential toiletry bag. Ointment, cotton wool buds, medicine... it can carry all your baby’s day-out essentials. You’ll fall head-over-heels for its checked or striped lining in matching colors, for an on-trend, yet practical layette.It’s great for everyone - not just moms!

29,17 €

Need to touch up your make-up? A new case for your keys, pen, and little secrets? Tournelles is here for you. Ultra-cool in denim, made to last and easy to clean. 

32,50 €

Hermel is The toiletry bag for denim lovers. Made to last, easy to clean, it's the perfect travel toiletry bag for denim addicts.

29,17 €

Need to touch up your make-up? A new case for your keys, pen, and little secrets? Tournelles is here for you. Ultra-cool with soft effect, made to last and easy to clean. 

32,50 €

Hermel is just the toiletry bag you’ve been looking for. Its soft effect and large opening to help you easily add all your beauty essentials make it both original and practical. Made of recycled cotton, it’s ultra-strong and easy to clean.  So?

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